• Building is planned and designed by Professional Architects and Structural Engineers.

• For all service connections and disposals (sewerage, solid waste, etc.) BNBC building codes will be followed.

• Structural design parameters will be based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Standards of Testing Materials (ASTM) and BNBC codes.

• Sub-soil investigation and sod composition will be analyzed from laboratory.

• Building will be comprised of reinforced cement concrete (R.C.C) in foundation, column, beam and slab considering seismic and wind effect with modern design concept.

• Comprehensive checking and testing of all steel reinforcement will be conducted by professional engineers.

• All structural materials including Rod (deformed / for steel bar), Cement (Scan, Cemex, Holcim, Lafarge, Premier), Stone chips, Sylhet sand, etc. will be of highest available standard as per market availability.

• For concrete works to give crushing strengths of 2500 psi to 4000 psi (cyl.test) at 28 days depending on concrete ratio & design.